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Dex and Litormon by Gomis
Dex and Litormon
Dex Roscoe and Litormon from Digimon Eden, which you can read here!
Evoline = Rumpemon -> Preumon -> Litormon -> Rhancomon -> Membramon -> Lagarimon

Rumpetroll is Norwegian for tadpole.
Preu is Proto-Indo-European and means "to jump".
Litoria nasuta is the scientific name of the striped rocket frog.
Rhacophorus is a genus of frogs, one of the genus of "flying frogs".
Membrane, as in wing membrane in this case.
Lagâri Hasan Çelebi was a legendary Ottoman aviator who, according to a sole account written by traveller Evliya Çelebi, made a successful manned rocket flight.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Digimon Eden characters, concepts, story (c) me.
Leigh and Squallmon by Gomis
Leigh and Squallmon
Another update for Digimon Eden, the gang's all evolved up till Adult stage now, so more size charts~
Leigh Sung and Squallmon from Digimon Eden, which you can read here!
Evoline = Kuikmon -> Fulmemon -> Squallmon -> Eraunmon -> Teratormon -> Ceridwemon

Kuiken is Dutch for chick.
Brutum fulmen refers to a harmless thunderbolt; mere noise like thunder; empty noise and nothing more.
Squall means squall. Storms and heavy rain.
Ceraunophobia is a phobia of thunder and lightning.
Teratorns are an extinct group of large predatory birds from North and South America.
In Welsh mythology, Ceridwen was an enchantress, on some accounts a goddess. She was the mother of Morfran and Creirwy, and Gwion Bach was reborn through her as the legendary bard Taliesin.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Digimon Eden characters, concepts, story (c) me.
Vanilmon Evoline by Gomis
Vanilmon Evoline
Hot dang I'm on a roll.
You'll get one more digimon line after this semi-soon, then there will be an actual long break.

It's Vanilmon! My little sentient ice cream guy. Food digimon are quite scarce and unappreciated, but at least I have one! ;w; So, yeah, this digimon is wholly based on sweet desserts like cake and cream puffs and especially ice cream, since he gains ice as an element for the last two stages. Unlike most of my digimon, he's not based on any animal. Funny thing when compared to the digimon I finished just before this one, Hognamon, who only had her Ultimate stage as a "totally new digimon", in Vanilmon's case everything beyond Child stage are totally new! Well they have existed for a long time, but I never drew them before because I was holding them back in case they were needed for TDC2, even if in the end they weren't. Anyway, I'm glad to finally get some finished artwork done of this whole evoline!
Speaking of TDC2, I'm not drawing the Armor forms again, at least for now. The refs I did for TDC2 are still pretty good-looking and for now I just aim to get everyone's classic evolines drawn/redrawn!

Bourbomon - Moussemon - Vanilmon - Crememon - FrostCrememon - Patissiemon

Partner(s) - Rachel Duke.
Featured in - The Digital Core (Rachel’s partner).


Name Origin:  English. Bourbon vanilla or Madagascar vanilla is the most common type of vanilla sold around the world.
Level: Baby I.
Type:  Seed.
- Vanilla Seed - shoots tiny seeds out of his pod-like tail, attempting to distract the foe.
Personality: Calm little digimon, he's sweet and kind.
Trivia:  A young digimon resembling a vanilla seed pod, its seeds are rumoured to make desserts delicious.

Name Origin:  English. Mousse, referring to the type of dessert here.
Level: Baby II.
Type:  Food.
- Sweet Cream - covers the foe in whipped cream, attempting to slow them down.
Personality:  Nice little digimon with polite manners. He enjoys company but hates it when other digimon try to taste him without permission.
Trivia: A young digimon covered in a substance resembling whipped cream, other digimon usually find the foam delicious. This means that Moussemon often have to hide from predators.

Name Origin:  English. Vanilla.
Level: Child.
Attribute:  Data.
Type:  Food.
Family:  Nature Spirits.
- Cream Whip - takes whipped cream from his chest and throws it at the foe. Has a bad tendency of pissing foes off.
- Sweet Frosting - blows a breeze of cold air from his mouth, causing the foe to be coated in hardened frosting - more likely to slow the foe down than harm them.
Personality: Vanilmon is really sweet - pun not intended. He's polite, pretty calm and likes acting nicely towards others. He doesn't make a lot of noise about himself, and often puts others' needs before his own, but isn't a complete doormat. He likes it when people are enjoying themselves, and acts somewhat like a butler. He calls his partner “Miss Rachel”, and often addresses everyone else with honorifics as well. He's a horrible fighter and doesn't like fighting at all, but will fight if forced to, and is a lot more willing to fight for Rachel than for himself. He's somewhat of a gourmet person and a picky eater, and loves to cook. He freaks out when other digimon try to taste him without permission.
Trivia: A Food-type digimon born from a baking blog data, it sports a vanilla bean tail, chocolate wings, waffle ears and whipped cream collar. Its dessert body parts are really delicious, and some digimon wouldn't mind to taste Vanilmon. It can hardly defend itself, and it definitely isn't a fighter.

Name Origin: French. Crème = cream.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Food.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Cool Icing – shoots projectiles of cake icing out of the cannon on his left arm, coating the target in icing that hardens on contact, trapping his foes.
- Double Cream Spin – spins around, shooting blobs of whipped cream from his tail in an attempt to slow the foe down or distract them.
- Rocky Road Punch – throws a mean punch with his right hand.
Personality: The same as Vanilmon, really.
Trivia: Food-type digimon equipped with an icing cannon, its tail is made of deliciously sweet and rich whipped cream that almost anyone would find absolutely delicious. It is a stronger fighter than Vanilmon, but because several of its body parts are made of desserts, it still often finds itself from trouble because of digimon who want to taste Crememon.

Name Origin: English and French. Frost. Crème = cream.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Food.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Baked Alaska – shoots sharp icicles out of his tail as projectiles.
- Frozen Florida – shoots a cold icy beam of energy out of his mouth. Direct hit of this beam can cause frostburns.
- Double Icing Cannon – shoots icy projectiles from his Frost-Ing Cannons. They freeze the target on contact.
Personality: The same as Vanilmon, though he’s a bit more serious and has a dryer sense of humour as FrostCrememon.
Trivia: Food-type digimon what went through super fast freezing process, such as gourmet ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. Its body is really cold, and even the air it exhales is cool. Unlike Vanilmon, FrostCrememon is a strong fighter, and despite having a delicious collar of ice cream around its neck, very few digimon dare even dream about tasting FrostCrememon.

Name Origin: French.
Pâtissier = pastry chef.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Fairy.
Family: Nature Spirits.
- Served Chilled – shoots an icy beam of energy from his sword, Gelatus. Causes frostburns and may freeze weaker foes solid.
- Semifreddo – stabs the foe with his sword, causing ice to spread in the wound. Depending on where the victim was stabbed, they can temporarily lose the use of one of their limbs, become paralyzed, and so on. The ice will melt eventually, but for example, a Child-level digimon getting stabbed in the heart area could cause fatal injuries.
Brigade de Cuisine – thrusts his sword forward and forms fourteen spheres of shining energy around the sword’s blade, sending the spheres flying at the foe with a swing of the sword. The spheres release explosive energy on contact. All of them can either be hurled at one foe, or Patissiemon can choose to attack several foes by dividing the spheres between targets.
- Glacier Enchantment – releases a rush of cold air from his sword, causing an area with a 500-meter radius around him to become a snow-coated icy glacier. The area transformation lasts for around 15 minutes, unless Patissiemon uses too much energy or is defeated before that.

Personality: The same as Vanilmon, though Patissiemon doesn’t really have any confidence issues anymore.
Trivia: Fairy-type digimon equipped with the frozen Gold Digizoid sword, Gelatus. With the sword, it can perform amazing ice magic attacks, but its own body is fairly frail, and unlike a lot of Ultimate digimon, it doesn’t wear any armor. Even if it’s a strong fighter, it prefers peace, and very rarely fights. It enjoys using its ice magic to create delicious frozen desserts for everyone to eat.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Vanilmon and his evoline are mine.

Hognamon Evoline by Gomis
Hognamon Evoline
Hahaa, I decided to do a couple more digimon evolines before I take a longer break. So there! But I will draw something other than digimon soon too, I swear. 8''''D

Hognamon is one of my more bizzare digimon, I think. Not the most bizzare, but it's hard to compete when I do have a digimon based on human organs too. ...But yeah, still, she's a mutant digimon based on the pun of "wolf spider". ;w; Design-wise, she is more of a wolf, but with obvious spider traits, such as having eight limbs in every form, minus the baby forms and Ultimate. She gives me the chance to express my love for extra limbs and eyes. Maybe that's why she's one of my "Xros Core" digimon? So I have an excuse to make more multi-eyed multi-limbed digimon, hah. 8''''D
Well the only one out of these digimon I hadn't ever shown anywhere before is the Ultimate! I had quite a lot of trouble with her, but in the end, I am very pleased with JägerLukosmon.
Fun fact, I have four canine digimon, but only two of them do the traditional "the Perfect level is a werewolf"-thing. It just so happens I drew these two in a row, oops. Also fun fact - Hognamon is one of my very few blue characters in general.

Acsmon - Spinnermon - Hognamon - Lukosmon - WereLukosmon - JägerLukosmon

Partner(s) - Severi Sankari.
Featured in - Digital World Championship (Severi’s partner), DigiXros Tournament 2 (Severi’s partner).


Name Origin: Latvian. Eye.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Slime.
- I See You - stares the foe creepily, trying to make them nervous and lose fighting spirit.
Personality: A baby digimon that doesn't seem to do much else than... Stare and be quiet. She only seems to be interested in food.
Trivia: Small digimon with two large eyes and two smaller ones, it can see in almost complete darkness. It has no real means of defending itself.

Name Origin: English. A spinneret is a spider's web spinning organ.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Larva.
- Spinneret Bubble - shoots bubbles out of her mouth; the bubbles pop on contact, turning sticky like a spider web and slow the foes down.
Personality: A bratty little digimon that likes to boss others around, she will do anything to get what she wants.
Trivia: Small spider-like digimon that's able to produce webs like a spider and has four eyes. It is small but feisty and it moves quickly on all kinds of surfaces with its six legs.

Name Origin: Hogna is a genus of wolf spiders.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Mutant.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers.
- Stagnant Arrows - shoots the hair on her fur collar at the foe as tiny, needle-like projectiles. They contain small dozes of nerve toxins, and have a low chance of paralyzing the foe on contact.
- Knuckle Claw - attacks the foe physically with her huge claws, which are more effective in hitting others with blunt force than they are sharp.
- Triple Kick - supports her body with one of her legs and kicks the foe with the remaining three in a row.
Personality: Hognamon thinks of herself first and others second. She appears to be very confident, somewhat mean-spirited, and sarcastic. She usually thinks others are idiots and in most occasions she doesn't take others' opinions seriously, though there seems to be a limit to how ignorant she can be. In fights, she's somewhat arrogant. She's often called a freak by other digimon, and though she'd never let anyone know this, it hurts her, and she wants to become stronger to "force everyone to recognise me". It's pretty difficult to annoy her, but when she hits an emotional turmoil, she'll often try to solve things with violence. It's very rare for her to show her "softer side" to anyone else than Severi. Though she's pretty much of a mean person, she'd rather toy with her enemies than delete them, unless she considered them prey. She's really sadistic with insect digimon, pretty much automatically seeing them as prey.
Trivia: A weird digimon with glitched data, it seems to be something between Beast and Insect digimon. It can spin webs like a spider, and it hunts prey with webs. Because of the way its legs are arranged, it's not really fast or a good climber, even if its limbs are strong. Other digimon often see it as "odd". It has six eyes and eight limbs.

Name Origin: Ancient Greek. Lukos is the Ancient Greek word for wolf.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Mutant.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers.
- Predator Shock - generates electricity in her fur, zapping the foe with a lightning bolt.
- Paralyzing Web - shoots a trapping, sticky web from her mouth. The web contains a small doze of nerve toxins and may paralyze the target if they're in contact with the web for too long.
- Arachnidism - bites the foe with powerful, sharp fangs that contain venom. Has a medium chance of poisoning the foe, making them feel nauseous. The poison fades off if the victim can fight it off, but the sick feeling might linger for a while.
Personality: Pretty much the same as Hognamon, though more beast-like and aggressive. Lukosmon is more likely to proceed fighting until her opponent is deleted.
Trivia: A Mutant-type digimon, it is something between a Beast and an Insect, and resembles a spider. It has large fangs and strong legs, making it a fast, feared predator. Its fangs and the web it spins are filled with poison.

Name Origin: English and Ancient Greek. Werewolf. Lukos = wolf.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Mutant.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers.
- Bisclavret - generates an electric charge in her fist and punches the foe with full power, releasing an electric shockwave directly into the foe's body on contact.
- Hoax Tarantism - bites the foe with strong fangs containing venom. Has a medium high chance of poisoning the foe, causing hallucinations. Can fade if the target is strong enough to fight it off, but causes a lot of mental strain to the body.
- Wild Beast Fury - wildly attacks the foe with a combo of kicks, punches and scratches with all of her limbs.
Personality: More like Hognamon than Lukosmon, WereLukosmon is less beastly, though like Lukosmon, she's more aggressive and battle-driven than Hognamon. She also seems to use flirtatious behaviour to taunt her foes in battle.
Trivia: Something between a spider and the fantastical werewolf, WereLukosmon is agile and strong, a feared hunter of the night. It has six strong arms and large claws, and its physical strength is admirable. The brass knuckles it wears are made of Gold Digizoid.

Name Origin: German and Ancient Greek. Jäger = hunter. Lukos = wolf.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Mutant.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Jungle Troopers, Virus Busters.
- Halfmoon Claw - slashes the air with her claws, sending wide blue energy arcs flying at the foe.
- Predator Blade - attacks the foe physically with her sharp claws, coated in venom. Has a high chance of poisoning the foe, causing hallucinations and muscle weakness, practically immobilizing the foe for a short while. Can fade off faster if the foe is strong enough, but the poison leaves them weak for a while.
- Hunter’s Bolts - shoots the fur on her cape at the foe as needle-like projectiles. As well as hurting like, well, little needles, the projectiles release an explosion of blue energy on contact.
- Forlorn Prison - holds out her hand at the foe with an open palm, creating a sticky spider web glowing with blue energy on the ground. Can either just trap foes like this, or close her hand to a fist, causing the web to wrap around one foe and immobilize them. The web will dissolve in around 10 minutes after JägerLukosmon stops concentrating on it.
Personality: Pretty much the same as Hognamon. Though she’s also ruthless like Lukosmon, JägerLukosmon is the most calculative and less impulsive one out of Hognamon’s forms, and she’s usually lethally precise.
Trivia: Ultimate-level digimon with slightly glitched data. It is a deadly hunter digimon, and even if it’s a Virus digimon, its usual prey consists of dangerous Virus digimon running amok. It is a distant creature, but it seems to want to protect the innocent. Equipped with Gold Digizoid claws and various poison and trapping tricks, it is a deadly hunter of the night.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Hognamon and her evoline are mine.

Wolfphoemon X Evoline by Gomis
Wolfphoemon X Evoline
Wow, I managed to finish this fairly fast. Another digimon evoline!
And now there will be a longer break before the next one because I don't even have the next ones sketched yet.

Wolfphoemon X is, you guessed it, an X-Antibody version of Wolfphoemon, my first ever fanmon. I wanted to give him a unique evoline, though. There are still X versions of regular Wolfphoemon's evoline, I guess, that some Wolfphoemon X evolve to, but this is Hitomi's partner's evoline. People who have followed me for a while notice I decided to make his Avatar Evoline (that was used in the now dead RP group, Digimon Lost Morals) as his regular evoline, because IMO it suits him the best. So I guess essentially they're warrior werewolves? But that's always awesome. =w= And, surprisingly, the regular Wolfphoemon DOESN'T evolve into werewolves, haha.
Ah also, since I drew the evoline of the Wolfphoemon X who's Hitomi's partner, the personalities and such presented are also his! Other Wolfphoemon X (such as Ru's) have different personalities.
One last note, now that I think about it, Wolfphoemon X's evoline has a really similar design aesthetic as Eden digimon... Hmm, maybe if there's a filler episode..?

Seppenmon X - Shibamon X - Wolfphoemon X – BushiEquemon – WereEquemon - AlphaShiromon

Partner(s) - Hitomi Matsuoka; Ru Zheng Bai has a Wolfphoemon X (without the scarf) in his Spitfire army.
Featured in - Digimon Lost Morals (Hitomi’s partner); DigiXros Tournament (Ru’s Wolfphoemon), DigiXros Tournament 2 (Ru’s Wolfphoemon).


Seppenmon X
Name Origin: Japanese. Seppen = snowflake. X-Antibody.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Lesser.
- Acid Bubbles - the most basic bubble blowing attack.
Personality: Small grumpy baby, though he appears to almost always be on a bad mood, he likes to be petted.
Trivia: Seppenmon that achieved an X-Antibody, it's still pretty small and basic for a digimon.

Name Origin: Shiba is a small Japanese dog breed. X-Antibody.
Level: Baby II.
Type:  Lesser.
- Pyrotechnic Bubbles - blows out bubbles that explode on contact like little explosives.
Personality: Small digimon with a bad attitude, he seems to be grumpy all the time and might get rough when playing with other digimon. He likes to ride on bigger digimon's heads.
Trivia: Shibamon with an X-Antibody, it has loads of energy and potential in its small body.

Wolfphoemon X
Name Origin: English. Wolf. Phoenix. X, meaning it's equipped with the X-Antibody.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast.
Family: Metal Empire, Wind Guardians, Dragon's Roar.
- Flame Wing Burst - the orange, feather-like peaks of his mechanic wings burst into flames and it bodyslams the foe, striking them with the flaming wings.
- Firebreath Blaster - fire burns brightly inside his mechanic wings and it shoots a stream of yellow orange fire from his mouth.
Personality: Wolfphoemon X is a seriously serious guy. He seems to lack sense of humor, or then he's just got some seriously bad sense of humor. He seems to be constantly frowning and gives off this grumpy aura. He's obsessed with getting stronger and proving his worth, showing that he's different from all the other Wolfphoemon. Because of his obsession, he's pretty selfish - even if he doesn't realise this himself - and isn't really the most pleasant guy to be around. He also has a bad habit to go a bit overboard with fighting, and is somewhat of a jerk and a bully. He's got bad social skills, and is a bit awkward. He gets frustrated with himself when he doesn't know how to behave. He doesn't want to appear intimidating or anything, and would like to get rid of his obsession with training so he could become a more balanced individual, but it's pretty hard when you have based your life on a single concept.
Trivia: Wolf-like beast digimon with mechanic wings, it was originally a normal Wolfphoemon that was transformed by the X-Antibody. There's fire constantly burning inside its wings, creating heat that allows it to fly. It’s a fast fighter.

Name Origin: Japanese, Latin. Bushi means warrior or armsman. Eques = knight. Equemon is a regular Wolfphoemon’s evolutionary form, and BushiEquemon is a subspecies of Equemon.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Warrior.
Family: Virus Busters, Nature Spirits.
- Hack Sword - attacks the foe physically with his sword, with precise slices.
- Red Hot Punch - the metal in his large right fist gets super hot, and BushiEquemon throws these burning punches at his foes.
- Swift Dance - uses a combo attack of fast kicks on his foe.
Personality: Pretty similar to Wolfphoemon, he’s a serious fighter mostly about fighting, naturally. He does have more sense of a warrior’s code than Wolfphoemon though, and isn’t as ruthless, refusing to fight defenceless foes and so on.
Trivia: Fast Warrior-type digimon equipped with a sword and covered in strong armor. It fights like a ninja and uses hit-and-run-tactics, throwing several attacks in a row and then retreating before the foe has a chance to strike it. It is said to be related to Equemon, a knight-like digimon related to Wolfphoemon.

Name Origin: English and Latin. Werewolf. Eques = knight.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast Man.
Family: Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers.
- Wild Blade – attacks the foe viciously with his sturdy, sharp claws. The claws are able to even cut through some metals.
- Beast Fury Fist – the metal in his right arm gets superheated, and he proceeds to beat the snot out of his foe. Usually he attempts to hold them down with his other arm for maximum effect.
- Lunar Shot – shoots a beam of hot, silver-white energy from his mouth.
- Protective Howl – howls, creating an energy shield in front of him. The shield is big enough to completely cover WereEquemon, and can take quite a beating before breaking, but upholding the shield requires WereEquemon to keep on howling and stay stationary.
Personality: WereEquemon embraces the more furious side of Wolfphoemon’s personality, and is wild, bestial, and full of battle rage. He’s still the same Wolfphoemon inside though, but he easily gets lost in battle as WereEquemon, and might lose the control of his reason over his instincts.
Trivia: Beast Man digimon with amazing physical strength and stamina. Though it’s a lot slower than it was as Wolfphoemon X or BushiEquemon, it has amazing raw strength and durability, akin to the fantastical werewolf it resembles. Even if it as a furious beast-like fighter, it is of the Virus Busters family, and uses its power to do good and vanquish evil.

Name Origin: Greek and Japanese. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alpha is also a term often used to describe the leader of a wolf pack. The alpha wolf concept has been proven wrong, but it still makes for a fun digimon name. Shiro = castle; shiroi = white.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast Knight.
Family: Virus Busters.
- Searing Sword – the blade of his sword becomes superheated, and he attacks the foe with the blade glowing white with heat.
- Reflection Eclipse X – forms a sphere of silver-white light in front of the crystal on his chest, and shoots the light at the foe as a precise beam.
- Lunar Imperial – slashes the air with his sword, sending wide silver-white energy arcs flying at the foe.
- Infinity Blade – accumulates a massive amount of energy into his sword, and strikes it at the foe’s vital parts, the blade shining bright and white. Pretty much a one-hit-KO attack, but it takes up a huge amount of AlphaShiromon’s power, and is usually only used as a finishing move, because it always results in devolution.
Personality: Basically the same as Wolfphoemon, but he seems to have found some sort of balance as AlphaShiromon, and is a lot more level-headed and less impulsive, so in that sense he is similar to BushiEquemon. AlphaShiromon has embraced the inborn sense of justice in Wolfphoemon, and is first and foremost a knight of justice.
Trivia: Beast Knight digimon wielding the legendary sword, called Infinity Blade. It is a digimon that harnesses the power of holy light for its needs, and fights evil in the side of justice. Clad in white Chrome Digizoid armor and equipped with X-Antibody, it is a truly powerful Ultimate digimon.

Digimon (c) Bandai / TOEI.
Wolfphoemon X and his evoline are mine.



Gomecat works too.
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Yo yo! This is Gomis, she's an art school graduatee from Finland, a printmaking major from Kankaanpää art school. On her free time she draws illustrations, some comics, creates monsters, and so on. She also sews custom plushies and cosplay costumes, though she hasn't made any new costumes in a while.

Plushie Commissions! [currently closed]
Drawing Commissions are open!
Ask me about trades and such.
I don't do requests.
I realised I've been neglecting my journals again, sorry. Advertising a Finnish convention thing, so only in Finnish.

Joo! Hei kaikki, Tracon on nyt viikonloppuna, jos se on päässyt menemään ohi, ja meikäkin kököttää taidekujalla koko viikonlopun!
Minut löytää pöydältä numero 34 koko viikonlopun ajan, ja jaan pöydän henkiön Sysirauta kanssa!
Minä myyn muunmuassa printtejä, pokémon-vesivärimaalauksia, kangaskasseja, kirjanmerkkejä, ja sarjakuvalehtisiä!
Tulkaa ihmeessä vaan moikkaamaan ellette mitään ostakaan, on kiva jutella ihmisten kanssa~ .w.
Vielä tässä karttaa, jos mietitte missä pöytä 34 on! Hop!…

Siellä siis nähdään, toivottavasti~
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If I made (digimon) adoptables at some point, would there be interest in them? 

28 deviants said I couldn't buy them, but otherwise I'd be interested!
14 deviants said Yes, I would be interested!
6 deviants said Option for Gomis to see the poll results.
2 deviants said I don't think that's a good idea.
1 deviant said I couldn't buy them and I wouldn't anyway.



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Cannonfodder10503 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay You are an awesome digimon designer, and I'm working on a line of canine digimon based on a race of Dog-like creatures in a show I saw called Diamond Dogs. They live underground as miners and are known to eat gems and metals as part of their diet.

However, I'm stuck on what I should name the digimon's champion level form. In my sketches (its not finalized) I see it as a large dog-like creature made of rock, that wears a metal helmet (that covers it's eyes) and a simple metal breast plate. It has various gem stone sticking out from it's body.

Do you have any ideas?

Here's what I have for it's previous forms

Ruffmon (baby level) (for the sound a dog makes)
Davymon (In-training level) (a mining lamp that uses a wick candle for light)
Rovermon (Rookie level) (popular name for a dog) 
Mindriann Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist… Tässä se kuva, mistä sulle höpötin tänään :D
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Hyvin liehuvaa.
ArtBlacksmith Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi Gomis, I want to ask you a question. What happened to your artworks of Boxemon and Goryumon?
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
At some point I deleted all my old artwork of my fanmade digimon, because I'm on a task of redrawing them. Too bad that quest has taken like, three or four years. 8'''''D
But some digimon, like Garyuumon, I've scrapped because I didn't have any interest in them anymore. I was thinking of maybe auctioning them at some point as adoptables, but I haven't actually had time to do that either.
ArtBlacksmith Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
By the way, what is the reason it took you so long to redraw your fan are digimon? And are we going to see them, including Goryumon and Boxemon (yes, I love very much XD), anytime soon?
ArtBlacksmith Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can adopt Garyuumon and Boxemon if you are giving them away, but....I don't have any money to afford them (yes I'm poor ATM). Is there any other way to get them? I really want them....

I mean, I suggest you should keep those digimons. Redraw them if you can please? You can compare your old artwork to recent artworks and see how much you have improved. I really want to Boxemon and Garyuumon again from you.
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I really have no interest to keep Garyuumon, but Boxemon I might keep because he is the armor form of another digimon I am keeping (Hitsujimon), and he's a lot more nostalgic to me.

And why are they taking so long? Because for the last three years I haven't been able to solely focus on drawing digimon. I've been participating and running OCTs and done a little thing called school and graduating. My problem in general with art is that I have a lot of projects, all at the same time, and of course I can't focus on all of them at the same time. Digimon hasn't been a priority all the time, and often when it has been, I've focused my energy in drawing for groups.

Right now, the redraws I drrw three years ago don't look nice to me anymore, because I want to redesign some digimon a bit. (You might notice this if you compare Iposmon in this recent group app TJR - Judges Luck and Iposmon by Gomis to the Iposmon in his evoline pic Iposmon Evoline by Gomis ), so I'm working on relaunching the whole "draw them again"-thing, without deleting the current drawings (until the new ones are done), and drawing them evoline at a time instead of doing everyone's Adult forms at once, etc. I have some drawn already, but like before, WHAT I ACTUALLY HAVE TO DRAW is higher on my priority list.

And about adopting Garyuumon without money, well, even if I don't really want to do stuff with it anymore, which is why I'd rather sell the deisng than keep it hidden in my folders, it is still a design I've spent time and energy creating, so that's why I wouldn't want to give it away for free either. I hope you understand.
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Happy late b-day Gomis!!! (batter late than never I guess :P)
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! .w. And yeah, definitely. ;w;
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