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Wolfphoemon X Evoline by Gomis
Wolfphoemon X Evoline
Wow, I managed to finish this fairly fast. Another digimon evoline!
And now there will be a longer break before the next one because I don't even have the next ones sketched yet.

Wolfphoemon X is, you guessed it, an X-Antibody version of Wolfphoemon, my first ever fanmon. I wanted to give him a unique evoline, though. There are still X versions of regular Wolfphoemon's evoline, I guess, that some Wolfphoemon X evolve to, but this is Hitomi's partner's evoline. People who have followed me for a while notice I decided to make his Avatar Evoline (that was used in the now dead RP group, Digimon Lost Morals) as his regular evoline, because IMO it suits him the best. So I guess essentially they're warrior werewolves? But that's always awesome. =w= And, surprisingly, the regular Wolfphoemon DOESN'T evolve into werewolves, haha.
Ah also, since I drew the evoline of the Wolfphoemon X who's Hitomi's partner, the personalities and such presented are also his! Other Wolfphoemon X (such as Ru's) have different personalities.
One last note, now that I think about it, Wolfphoemon X's evoline has a really similar design aesthetic as Eden digimon... Hmm, maybe if there's a filler episode..?

Seppenmon X - Shibamon X - Wolfphoemon X – BushiEquemon – WereEquemon - AlphaShiromon

Partner(s) - Hitomi Matsuoka; Ru Zheng Bai has a Wolfphoemon X (without the scarf) in his Spitfire army.
Featured in - Digimon Lost Morals (Hitomi’s partner); DigiXros Tournament (Ru’s Wolfphoemon), DigiXros Tournament 2 (Ru’s Wolfphoemon).


Seppenmon X
Name Origin: Japanese. Seppen = snowflake. X-Antibody.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Lesser.
- Acid Bubbles - the most basic bubble blowing attack.
Personality: Small grumpy baby, though he appears to almost always be on a bad mood, he likes to be petted.
Trivia: Seppenmon that achieved an X-Antibody, it's still pretty small and basic for a digimon.

Name Origin: Shiba is a small Japanese dog breed. X-Antibody.
Level: Baby II.
Type:  Lesser.
- Pyrotechnic Bubbles - blows out bubbles that explode on contact like little explosives.
Personality: Small digimon with a bad attitude, he seems to be grumpy all the time and might get rough when playing with other digimon. He likes to ride on bigger digimon's heads.
Trivia: Shibamon with an X-Antibody, it has loads of energy and potential in its small body.

Wolfphoemon X
Name Origin: English. Wolf. Phoenix. X, meaning it's equipped with the X-Antibody.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast.
Family: Metal Empire, Wind Guardians, Dragon's Roar.
- Flame Wing Burst - the orange, feather-like peaks of his mechanic wings burst into flames and it bodyslams the foe, striking them with the flaming wings.
- Firebreath Blaster - fire burns brightly inside his mechanic wings and it shoots a stream of yellow orange fire from his mouth.
Personality: Wolfphoemon X is a seriously serious guy. He seems to lack sense of humor, or then he's just got some seriously bad sense of humor. He seems to be constantly frowning and gives off this grumpy aura. He's obsessed with getting stronger and proving his worth, showing that he's different from all the other Wolfphoemon. Because of his obsession, he's pretty selfish - even if he doesn't realise this himself - and isn't really the most pleasant guy to be around. He also has a bad habit to go a bit overboard with fighting, and is somewhat of a jerk and a bully. He's got bad social skills, and is a bit awkward. He gets frustrated with himself when he doesn't know how to behave. He doesn't want to appear intimidating or anything, and would like to get rid of his obsession with training so he could become a more balanced individual, but it's pretty hard when you have based your life on a single concept.
Trivia: Wolf-like beast digimon with mechanic wings, it was originally a normal Wolfphoemon that was transformed by the X-Antibody. There's fire constantly burning inside its wings, creating heat that allows it to fly. It’s a fast fighter.

Name Origin: Japanese, Latin. Bushi means warrior or armsman. Eques = knight. Equemon is a regular Wolfphoemon’s evolutionary form, and BushiEquemon is a subspecies of Equemon.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Warrior.
Family: Virus Busters, Nature Spirits.
- Hack Sword - attacks the foe physically with his sword, with precise slices.
- Red Hot Punch - the metal in his large right fist gets super hot, and BushiEquemon throws these burning punches at his foes.
- Swift Dance - uses a combo attack of fast kicks on his foe.
Personality: Pretty similar to Wolfphoemon, he’s a serious fighter mostly about fighting, naturally. He does have more sense of a warrior’s code than Wolfphoemon though, and isn’t as ruthless, refusing to fight defenceless foes and so on.
Trivia: Fast Warrior-type digimon equipped with a sword and covered in strong armor. It fights like a ninja and uses hit-and-run-tactics, throwing several attacks in a row and then retreating before the foe has a chance to strike it. It is said to be related to Equemon, a knight-like digimon related to Wolfphoemon.

Name Origin: English and Latin. Werewolf. Eques = knight.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast Man.
Family: Virus Busters, Nightmare Soldiers.
- Wild Blade – attacks the foe viciously with his sturdy, sharp claws. The claws are able to even cut through some metals.
- Beast Fury Fist – the metal in his right arm gets superheated, and he proceeds to beat the snot out of his foe. Usually he attempts to hold them down with his other arm for maximum effect.
- Lunar Shot – shoots a beam of hot, silver-white energy from his mouth.
- Protective Howl – howls, creating an energy shield in front of him. The shield is big enough to completely cover WereEquemon, and can take quite a beating before breaking, but upholding the shield requires WereEquemon to keep on howling and stay stationary.
Personality: WereEquemon embraces the more furious side of Wolfphoemon’s personality, and is wild, bestial, and full of battle rage. He’s still the same Wolfphoemon inside though, but he easily gets lost in battle as WereEquemon, and might lose the control of his reason over his instincts.
Trivia: Beast Man digimon with amazing physical strength and stamina. Though it’s a lot slower than it was as Wolfphoemon X or BushiEquemon, it has amazing raw strength and durability, akin to the fantastical werewolf it resembles. Even if it as a furious beast-like fighter, it is of the Virus Busters family, and uses its power to do good and vanquish evil.

Name Origin: Greek and Japanese. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet. Alpha is also a term often used to describe the leader of a wolf pack. The alpha wolf concept has been proven wrong, but it still makes for a fun digimon name. Shiro = castle; shiroi = white.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Vaccine.
Type: Beast Knight.
Family: Virus Busters.
- Searing Sword – the blade of his sword becomes superheated, and he attacks the foe with the blade glowing white with heat.
- Reflection Eclipse X – forms a sphere of silver-white light in front of the crystal on his chest, and shoots the light at the foe as a precise beam.
- Lunar Imperial – slashes the air with his sword, sending wide silver-white energy arcs flying at the foe.
- Infinity Blade – accumulates a massive amount of energy into his sword, and strikes it at the foe’s vital parts, the blade shining bright and white. Pretty much a one-hit-KO attack, but it takes up a huge amount of AlphaShiromon’s power, and is usually only used as a finishing move, because it always results in devolution.
Personality: Basically the same as Wolfphoemon, but he seems to have found some sort of balance as AlphaShiromon, and is a lot more level-headed and less impulsive, so in that sense he is similar to BushiEquemon. AlphaShiromon has embraced the inborn sense of justice in Wolfphoemon, and is first and foremost a knight of justice.
Trivia: Beast Knight digimon wielding the legendary sword, called Infinity Blade. It is a digimon that harnesses the power of holy light for its needs, and fights evil in the side of justice. Clad in white Chrome Digizoid armor and equipped with X-Antibody, it is a truly powerful Ultimate digimon.

Digimon (c) Bandai / TOEI.
Wolfphoemon X and his evoline are mine.

Snappermon Evoline by Gomis
Snappermon Evoline
Another digimon evoline! I'm on a roll~
And now it'll be a while before I'll get the next one up, because like I said before, there is no buffer of these. ;w; But I managed to finish these guys sorta fast, so!

Snappermon's line is composed of aquatic dragon digimon, more or less. Design-wise, this whole line is supposed to be "my oldschool digimon evoline", because, similar to the digimon evolines in Adventure and so on, the next stage doesn't actually look all that much like the previous one, and they're not the same colors or anything, but there's still a common theme that makes it seem sensible. I also wanted to try to make them more organic and less... Mecha, I guess? Since a lot of my digimon become more or less armored or mechanic as they evolve. Also, I didn't include personalities for these ones, because they are more like a digimon species, instead of one single individual, like for example Furturmon is. Last thing I gotta say, I've been wanting to draw a regular Tarasmon for a while now, since people who have followed me for a while might know one of my tamers, Severi, has an old Tarasmon in his roster. Comparing him to this "generic" Tarasmon, you can see Severi's is a lot fluffier and greyer. ;w;

Pitchmon -> Pukamon -> Snappermon -> Koidramon -> Tarasmon -> Krakendramon

Partner(s) - Severi Sankari has an old Tarasmon in his Meteorite Hounds army.
Featured in - Digital World Championship (Severi’s Tarasmon), DigiXros Tournament 2 (Severi’s Tarasmon).


Name Origin: Japanese. Pitch pitch [pichi pichi] is an onomatopoeia describing splashing in puddles.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Slime.
- Soap Bubbles – most basic bubble attack ever.
Trivia: A microbe-like Digimon which was discovered in the "Net Ocean", which had long been studied as the birthplace of life within the Digital World, it has the smallest size among the many Digimon. Since it seems to be living with nothing but emotions, its behaviour changes very frequently. Since it is extremely full of curiosity, it greatly wishes to communicate with the outside world, but as yet, no means to do so has been found. However, it is a Digimon Baby that is loved by everyone, due to its big, bright red eyes which are charming enough to shake the opponent's feelings. It spits out soap-like bubbles from its mouth and blinds the opponent's eyes, then flees.
[Description from Wikimon.]

Name Origin: Japanese. Pukapuka = the sound of floating.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Lesser.
- Bubbles – okay, this is the most basic bubble attack.
Trivia: Although it has an appearance which is thought to be the infancy of an aquatic dinosaur, it is a funny Digimon with movements as clever as the seahorse. However, the friendly personality it had as Pitchmon has totally vanished, and it quickly flees if others approach. Its outer skin cannot yet bear the water pressure and low temperature of the deep sea, so the length of time it can dive to the deep sea is not long.
[Description from Wikimon.]

Name Origin: English. Snapping turtle, snapper being the one who snaps.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Data­.
Type: Reptile.
Family: Deep Savers.
- Turtle Snap – bites its foe. Ouch.
- Petit Shower - shoots a jet stream of water from its mouth.
Trivia: Young reptile digimon with a body suited for life underwater, it resembles a sea turtle. It has a sturdy, almost metal-like shell attached to its body, and the shell protects its whole body. However, the shell makes it really slow on land. Snappermon can’t dive too deep into the Net Ocean, but they usually live in warm, shallow waters.

Name Origin: Japanese, English. Koi carp. Dragon.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Data. 
Type: Aquatic.
Family: Deep Savers, Dragon's Roar.
- Dragon Sphere - shoots the spikes growing from its sides at the foe as projectiles, in a spherical formation. The spikes instantly grow back after being shot.
- Tailfin Kick - does a flip in the air (or water), smacking the foe with its tail.
- Fishy Gun - shoots pressurised water from its mouth as spherical projectiles.
Trivia: An Aquatic digimon with apparent dragon data in its structure, it seems to be related to the more common Seadramon species. It has lost the sturdy shell it had as Snappermon, but its body is more lithe now, and it is a lot faster, even if its defensive capabilities have suffered in return. It rarely walks, since it can move through both water and air as if it was swimming. It’s more often met in ponds and lakes than Net Ocean.

Name Origin: Origin: French. The Tarasque is a legendary dragon from Provence, southern France.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Beast Dragon.
Family: Deep Savers, Dragon's Roar.
- Metal Jacket - shoots spikes from its Chrome Digizoid shell at the foe as projectiles. The spikes instantly grow back, so Tarasmon is never left shell-less.
- Dragon Fountain - shoots streams of pressurised water from the cannons mounted on its middle limbs.
- Sword Shot - attacks the foe physically with the sword on its tail. Tarasmon's tail is very long and flexible, so its range of sword attacks is pretty wide.
Trivia: A Beast Dragon type with hard shell and tail-mounted sword made of Chrome Digizoid, it has excellent defensive properties and attack power, but due to its size and weight, lacks speed. However, it's able to battle and defend itself excellently without moving from its comfortable spot. It doesn’t have trouble moving on land anymore, like Snappermon did.

Name Origin: Kraken are legendary gigantic sea monsters from the coasts of Norway and Greenland, often depicted as giant squids. Dragon.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Data.
Type: Aquatic.
Family: Deep Savers, Dragon’s Roar.
-Release the Kraken - shoots a bright purple-white energy beam out of its mouth at the foe. Chargeable for maximum effect.
-Song of Cetus - creates sound waves strong enough to temporarily disable enemies, as well as destroy weaker digimon. The sound is similar to a whale’s song.
-Megaton Globster - attacks the foe physically by wrapping its tentacles and tails around them and squeezing them to death.
-Iku-Turso - uses its water manipulating powers to create a gigantic maelstrom to drag the foe under the water and drown them. Very powerful, almost certain K.O. attack, but only useable in a large body of water.
Trivia: Gigantic Aquatic digimon, living deep in the darkest depths of Net Ocean. It is an elusive creature, not often seen in the surface. It is rumoured to be able to sink ships and cause huge storms if its peace is disturbed. It’s data structure seems to be a perfect balance between Aquatic and Dragon data. Because it’s not often seen, its battle capabilities have reached legendary proportions in the tales told by seafaring digimon.

Digimon (c) Bandai / TOEI
Snappermon and its evoline are mine. Expect for Pitchmon and Pukamon, which are official digimon, and belong to Bandai/TOEI.

Furturmon Evoline by Gomis
Furturmon Evoline
Aaaaaa!! Yeah!
I'm working in "reverse order" this time, so I'm starting from the newest digimon, which is Furturmon.
This is not my priority project at all right now, so don't expect like, several in a row. I work on these along other things, so they just pop out whenever I finish them, no big buffer built up or anything. I don't know how long it'll take, but slowly and steadily I aim to finish all of them. B<
Without further ado, let's get into commenting this. I can delete this blabber about project announcments later.

Furturmon is a demon digimon, and his evoline is based on Goetia demons. I guess PrinceAsmodaimon is one of my weirdest digimon designs, but he was originally designed to be a villain in DXT1, so he was supposed to look scary. 8'''D His current evoline is the result of the evil and villanous PrinceAsmodaimon's data reformatting and forming into a digiegg that hatched into Pahomon. So they're not like, evil masterminds anymore, just jerks. Also, about the designs, they're loosely based on the physical descriptions of the demons they're named after, mostly.
Special thanks for :iconsysirauta: for helping me out with Caacrinomon's design~

Pahomon – Pirmon – Furturmon – Caacrinomon – Asmodaimon – PrinceAsmodaimon

Partner(s) - Sarah Renner.
Featured in - DigiXros Tournament (one of the main villains), DigiXros Tournament 2 (Sarah’s partner).


Name Origin: Finnish. Paholainen = devil, includes the diminutive –nen.
Level: Baby I.
Type: Lesser.
- Horn Horn Attack – tiny horn bump attack.
Personality: Mischievous little thing. Enjoys causing trouble.
Trivia: Tiny digimon related to demon-like digimon. It’s not evil, but it’s a bit ill-behaved.

Name Origin: Finnish. Piru = devil; written with a capital P it can also refer to The Devil, but if the diminutive –nen is added, pirulainen means imp or lesser devil.
Level: Baby II.
Type: Lesser.
- Heckfire – hurls his tiny fireball at the foe. A new one appears between his horns with a 3-second delay.
Personality: Similar to Furturmon, though more childish. He seems to get a lot of fun out of pulling pranks.
Trivia: Mischievous Lesser-type digimon. The flame burning between its horns is a sign of it being related to powerful demon digimon, though it’s not impressive on its own.

Name Origin: Demonology. Furfur (also spelled "Furtur") is the 34th demon in Ars Goetia, a Count of Hell ruling over 29 legions of demons.
Level: Child.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Small Devil.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Thundering Fist - punches the foe with electrically charged fists.
- Sky High Bolt - flies up and does a flip in the air, forming a ball of electricity in his hand and throws this lightning mass at the foe.
- Love Potion no. 34 - rotates his hips seductively and winks, activating a mind-affecting spell that attempts to make the foe fall in love. If successful, the foe loses all their will to fight for a short while because of all the love in the air. Has a better chance of not failing if the target could actually consider Furturmon to be attractive.
Personality: Dramatic, flashy and flamboyant, Furturmon is almost constantly in high spirits and often giggles seemingly for no reason. He has no sense of personal space and likes touching others, though mostly he means no harm. He has an extremely dirty sense of humour, though. He enjoys giving his friends and extended acquaintances weird nicknames. He enjoys loafing around and is fairly lazy and comfort-seeking when it's not about battling, and often he wouldn't really like to battle either unless Sarah ordered him to do so.
Trivia: Demon-like little digimon with feathery wings capable of flight, it hatched from a Digitama formed out of the defeated PrinceAsmodaimon's data. Though it's a Virus type and a Small Devil digimon, it seems to have lost all of PrinceAsmodaimon's world destruction intentions after it was reconstructed. Though it's mischievous, it's mostly harmless, and despite being a devil-digimon, it could be considered "a good digimon".

Name Origin: Demonology. Glasya-Labolas (one of the alternative spellings being “
Caacrinolaas”) is the 25th demon in Ars Goetia, a President and Earl of Hell commanding over 36 legions of demons.
Level: Adult.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Beast.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Manslaughter - bites the foe down hard with his fangs, aiming for vital parts. For a simple biting attack, it seems to cause critical damage fairly often.
- Struck By Lightning – forms a mass of crackling electricity between his horns, shooting a precise lightning bolt at the foe.
- Bloodshed Fang – bites the foe, absorbing their energy through the wounds, restoring his own health.
Personality: Basically the same as Furturmon, though he seems to respect people’s personal space more in this form, sticking more to verbal teasing. He’s also a bit less lazy, and more active in this form, though he’s still not mega big on fighting.
Trivia: Demon Beast digimon resembling a horned hound, Caacrinomon is a fast digimon both on land and in the air. It is both agile and strong, but its body is somewhat fragile. Despite being a Demon Beast type, it’s generally not an evil digimon, but it seems to have developed a taste for blood.

Name Origin:  Demonology. Asmodai or Asmodeus is a king of demons, the 32nd demon in Ars Goetia, and one of the seven princes of Hell, being the prince of Lust.
Level: Perfect.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Fallen Angel.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers.
- Death and Decay - breathes out dark smoke clouds with corrosive power; the digimon breathing them keep on suffering from increasing damage as long as they breathe the smoke in.
- Vital Elixir - wounds the foe with anything (preferably his fangs) and proceeds to absorb energy from wounded foes, restoring his own health.
- Fallen Storm - bats his wings rapidly, sending powerful gusts of wind, powered up with slight electric charge, at the foe.
- Hallel Cross - holds his palm open and a magic circle forms out of crackling electricity, quickly rearranging into the form of a cross, and a cross-shaped electrically charged energy arch is sent flying at the foe.
Personality: Similar to Furturmon, though Asmodaimon is a lot more about teasing others and inappropriate touching, especially admiring very masculine digimon a little bit too up close and personal. He will certainly give compliments (and not-so-nice words too) to people and mon of all sexes and genders, though. He's also a lot more eager to battle than lazy Furturmon. He has a tendency to get a little trigger happy in fights and can go a little too far, but not on purpose, only because he tends to lose himself when he's having too much fun. He doesn't try to murder anyone on purpose.
Trivia: New form of Asmodaimon that was born out of stored memory data inside Furturmon, a result of Furturmon Super Evolving instead of as a DigiXros between Mephistomon and Matadormon. Though it is a Fallen Angel type digimon, it seems to not have the same kind of murderous instincts as PrinceAsmodaimon had. It can absorb data and uses wind and electric attacks.

Name Origin: English and Demonology. Prince refers to its status as one of the seven princes of Hell. Asmodai or Asmodeus is a king of demons, the 32nd demon in Ars Goetia, and one of the seven princes of Hell, being the prince of Lust.
Level: Ultimate.
Attribute: Virus.
Type: Demon Lord.
Family: Nightmare Soldiers, Dark Area.
Carnal Lust - physically attacks the foe by charging at them with super speed and chomping down with the Dragon head's fangs. This attack has a high critical hit ratio.
Die For My Love – absorbs the foe’s energy out of any wounds they have suffered. If he proceeds to fully heal himself, he might suck his victim dry, since his own body is made up of such a huge mass of data. Also, exactly because his body is such a huge mass of data, healing himself with this attack is pretty slow.
Twisted Fantasy - lets out horrible, ear-splitting cries out of the Dragon, Ox and Ram heads, and shoots wide beams of dark energy out of all of them, either into several directions, or rotates the Ox and Ram heads forward to focus on one specific point.
Dreaming Of You - breathes dark clouds of smoke out of his main mouth, causing the foe breathing the smoke in to hallucinate about their worst nightmares.
Personality: Fairly similar to Asmodaimon, PrinceAsmodaimon is still oddly enough a cheerful, flamboyant creature admiring especially masculine digimon’s good looks. He’s pretty prone to going trigger-happy in this form, but it’s mostly because this form isn’t really used outside battle situations, considering how inconvenient it is in everyday situations.
Trivia: A Demon Lord digimon from the depths of the Dark Area, it’s a horrible, powerful monster. It tried to destroy the entire Digital World in the past, but its data has since been reformatted. Despite its scary looks, it’s mostly not a threat, yet its battle capacity should never be underestimated. Were it to become a demon in heart again, the Digital World could very well be in danger.

Digimon (c) Bandai / TOEI
Furturmon and his evoline are mine.

Trishna and Myrmon by Gomis
Trishna and Myrmon
Heeeeey, Digimon Eden has updated with the third chapter, where Myrmon evolves into Myrmidomon! So I can put up more sizecharts here!
Trishna Pryce and Myrmon from Digimon Eden, which you can read here!
Evoline = Magomon -> Larvmon -> Myrmon -> Myrmidomon -> Solendramon -> Deidamiamon

Maggot is English and means maggot. 8'''D
Larva is English for larva.
Myra is Swedish for ant.
Myrmidons were legendary skilled warriors commanded by Achilles in Greek mythology. In English, the term refers to hired ruffians or unquestionably loyal followers.
Solenopsis invicta is the scientific name of the red imported fire ant. Dragon.
In Greek mythology, Deidamia was one of King Lycomedes's daughters, and gave birth to Achilles's son, Neoptolemus. Deidamia is also the name of a queen regnant from 3rd century BC, Deidamia II of Epirus.

Digimon (c) Bandai/TOEI.
Digimon Eden characters, concepts, story (c) me.
DXT2 - Spinemon X5 HF by Gomis
DXT2 - Spinemon X5 HF
:icondigixrostournament: !
Waaaaaah, Spinemon X5, with the addition of Barghemon! It's about time I finished this.
Sorry the text is formatted all funny, I might've not been thinking about text formatability when I drew this guy, ahaha. 8''''3
If you're having trouble figuring out how it works, you can check out the old ref for Spinemon X5 as well, because X5 HF is basically X5 with additions.
I'll add him to the size chart soon-ish, meh.

Registration Sheet
Collection Sheet
DigiXros Sheet
Full Army DigiXros

Spinemon X5 HF
Name Origin: Spinemon. Cross. Five. HF stands for “HellFire”.
Components: Spinemon X Wolfphoemon X FlaBeemon X Urumimon X Proelidramon X Barghemon.
Type:  Composite.
- Final Muspelheim – generates a fiery sphere between his horns, and shoots it at the foe as a precise, hot beam, like lightning. The target of the beam bursts into superheated flames.
- Phantasma Bomber - shoots superheated fireballs as projectiles from the cannon packs on his shoulders, in a sequence like a gatling gun.
- X-Caliburn - covers the blades on his hands with hot, orange yellow fiery aura and physically attacks the foe with the blades.
- Burning Spiral Install - spins around, giving off a stream of fire from his wings and the fire on his tail while spinning, creating a large fiery tornado to hit the foe.
- Big Bang Driver - turns the vernier thrusters on his back to face forward, the cannon packs on his shoulders lighting up. Shooting fire from all four sources, he creates a massive fireball in front of his chest and sends it flying at the foe. Spinemon X5's most powerful attack, it has a strong kick and also sends the user flying backwards.
Trivia: Spinemon X5 has gained more power with Barghemon’s addition, and now soars through the skies with fiery wings on his back. He is a skilled fighter, clad in armor and equipped with amazing special and physical attacks.

+ strong physical and special attacker with both close combat and range attacks.
+ durable, protective armor covers his body.
+ excellent flier, usually fights airborne.
- most of his attacks are quite tiring for Spinemon to use.
- his attacks have quite a high collateral damage ratio.



Gomecat works too.
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
Yo yo! This is Gomis, she's an art school graduatee from Finland, a printmaking major from Kankaanpää art school. On her free time she draws illustrations, some comics, creates monsters, and so on. She also sews custom plushies and cosplay costumes, though she hasn't made any new costumes in a while.

Plushie Commissions! [currently closed]
Drawing Commissions are open!
Ask me about trades and such.
I don't do requests.
I realised I've been neglecting my journals again, sorry. Advertising a Finnish convention thing, so only in Finnish.

Joo! Hei kaikki, Tracon on nyt viikonloppuna, jos se on päässyt menemään ohi, ja meikäkin kököttää taidekujalla koko viikonlopun!
Minut löytää pöydältä numero 34 koko viikonlopun ajan, ja jaan pöydän henkiön Sysirauta kanssa!
Minä myyn muunmuassa printtejä, pokémon-vesivärimaalauksia, kangaskasseja, kirjanmerkkejä, ja sarjakuvalehtisiä!
Tulkaa ihmeessä vaan moikkaamaan ellette mitään ostakaan, on kiva jutella ihmisten kanssa~ .w.
Vielä tässä karttaa, jos mietitte missä pöytä 34 on! Hop!…

Siellä siis nähdään, toivottavasti~
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If I made (digimon) adoptables at some point, would there be interest in them? 

28 deviants said I couldn't buy them, but otherwise I'd be interested!
14 deviants said Yes, I would be interested!
6 deviants said Option for Gomis to see the poll results.
2 deviants said I don't think that's a good idea.
1 deviant said I couldn't buy them and I wouldn't anyway.



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Hyvin liehuvaa.
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Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
At some point I deleted all my old artwork of my fanmade digimon, because I'm on a task of redrawing them. Too bad that quest has taken like, three or four years. 8'''''D
But some digimon, like Garyuumon, I've scrapped because I didn't have any interest in them anymore. I was thinking of maybe auctioning them at some point as adoptables, but I haven't actually had time to do that either.
ArtBlacksmith Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
By the way, what is the reason it took you so long to redraw your fan are digimon? And are we going to see them, including Goryumon and Boxemon (yes, I love very much XD), anytime soon?
ArtBlacksmith Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I can adopt Garyuumon and Boxemon if you are giving them away, but....I don't have any money to afford them (yes I'm poor ATM). Is there any other way to get them? I really want them....

I mean, I suggest you should keep those digimons. Redraw them if you can please? You can compare your old artwork to recent artworks and see how much you have improved. I really want to Boxemon and Garyuumon again from you.
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I really have no interest to keep Garyuumon, but Boxemon I might keep because he is the armor form of another digimon I am keeping (Hitsujimon), and he's a lot more nostalgic to me.

And why are they taking so long? Because for the last three years I haven't been able to solely focus on drawing digimon. I've been participating and running OCTs and done a little thing called school and graduating. My problem in general with art is that I have a lot of projects, all at the same time, and of course I can't focus on all of them at the same time. Digimon hasn't been a priority all the time, and often when it has been, I've focused my energy in drawing for groups.

Right now, the redraws I drrw three years ago don't look nice to me anymore, because I want to redesign some digimon a bit. (You might notice this if you compare Iposmon in this recent group app TJR - Judges Luck and Iposmon by Gomis to the Iposmon in his evoline pic Iposmon Evoline by Gomis ), so I'm working on relaunching the whole "draw them again"-thing, without deleting the current drawings (until the new ones are done), and drawing them evoline at a time instead of doing everyone's Adult forms at once, etc. I have some drawn already, but like before, WHAT I ACTUALLY HAVE TO DRAW is higher on my priority list.

And about adopting Garyuumon without money, well, even if I don't really want to do stuff with it anymore, which is why I'd rather sell the deisng than keep it hidden in my folders, it is still a design I've spent time and energy creating, so that's why I wouldn't want to give it away for free either. I hope you understand.
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Kiminuria Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy late b-day Gomis!!! (batter late than never I guess :P)
Gomis Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! .w. And yeah, definitely. ;w;
Biruka Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014
Hyvää myöhäistä syntymäpäivää!
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